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February 18, 2013

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Honey Bikes Winterando - Wet LionChip Baker wrote about Matt Roy‘s Sunday surprise birthday ride.  Chip also mentioned the Honey Bikes’ Winterando:

“What was equally impressive is this was the maiden voyage for the HUP Honey Winterando.  […]

“It’s one of those concept or dream bikes that real riders think about all the time.  Real riders covet a bike like this.  Comfortable, performance oriented bike that can take you places.  A “do everything” bike if you will.

“My good friend Roger had the honors.  This ride was just the beginning of our adventures with that bike.  But what blew my mind was Roger never had to stop and adjust anything. How is that even possible?  50 plus miles.  Tight roads.  Mixed group and Roger was at the front driving it all day long.”

Honey Bikes Winterando at RSC

And about Matt and the ride:

“Such a great day and such a great way to honor a truly great friend. I hope Matt had as much fun on his ride as I did. Happy B-day my friend. No way you are 40. I just don’t believe it.”

Honey Bikes Winterando - Ready to Ride

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