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February 15, 2013

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Inner Ring Site Banner

Inner Ring just posted a brief mention of Seven Cycles’ advertising on the INRNG site for the month of February.

I hate to admit that I follow very few websites and blogs.  Somehow time slips away.  Inner Ring is on a very, very short list of sites I read.  In fact, I irritated a couple people at Seven Cycles because I wanted to make a landing page that expressed our [read “my”] appreciation for the work that Inner Ring does every day.  I really don’t want this site to go away.

Inner Ring writes:

“The sport has its ups and downs but angry governing bodies, perjury-prone pros and other negative stories just can’t seem to stop things.”

Inner Ring:  Thank YOU for doing interesting and worthwhile reporting and writing on the world of cycling.

Love To Ride - photo - Natalia Boltukhova

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