Journal: Twin Magnetic Rock Receptors

February 12, 2013

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Bootsy Collins Snowman - photo - Rob VandermarkTuesday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:45 am – 8:05 pm

  • Media:  Natalia Boltukhova just posted a video she made of the 2012 Green Mountain Double Century.  It rocks; definitely worth a viewing or two.
  • Product Research:  Project No Trail:  I’m working on a variable rake fork so Seven can do some second round testing of trail’s affect on bike handling.  I did some work on this years ago can came to the conclusions that Seven employs everyday for road-centric bikes.  I was never into low-trail bike handling – or high trail for that matter.  Well, now that I’m older and slower, maybe I’ll feel different.  So, the testing begins again.  We’ve just started undergoing some very organized, thorough, and wide-ranging testing.  This project is also helping Seven with another project – I love dual purpose projects.
  • Media:  I’ve been asked to be interviewed for a podcast bike show.  Probably in the next couple weeks.

  • Projects:  Apparently it’s fork month.  List of fork projects happening at the moment:  Too many –
    1. Tapered road fork
    2. Tapered medium reach fork
    3. Tapered cross disc
    4. Tapered road disc
    5. Variable trail fork
  • Business Development:  January rocked for Seven, Honey, and the Ride Studio Cafe.  If this keeps up…

Post title:  “I come equipped with stereophonic funk producin´ disco inducin´ twin magnetic rock receptors.”  –  Bootsy Collins

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