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February 7, 2013

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Dean Phillips of Fit Werx 2 wrote a nice piece about his new Seven Cycles 622.  Dean’s ridden a lot of great bikes over the years so we really looked forward to hearing what he thought.


Here’s a few excerpts from his writing; it was difficult to choose just a few quotes because he really seems to like the bike:

“Expectations can be exceeded… I knew within a couple pedal strokes that this bike was going to be a lot of fun…  […]

“[…] my ride that ends with a gradual uphill climb that I frequently sprint up trying to maintain as much speed as I can. I set my all-time 20-second power high right there and then on my first ride on the 622. This was an unplanned and unexpected surprise that left me riding home with a smile.

“[…] it’s a testament to how remarkably stiff, responsive and inspiring this bike is.

“[…] what really took me by surprise was how stiff and responsive the Seven 622 SLX frame we designed with Seven felt when riding.  Having ridden a number of mixed material bikes before, I expected a smooth riding responsive frame, but I did not expect the same level of lateral stiffness as the all carbon race bikes I’ve ridden.  […]

“The bike is very rhythmic with a powerful “life” and response to pedal input.   This “spring-forward feeling” is different from the bottom bracket area side-to-side flex some titanium or steel frames have – it is very powerful.  […]

“When I checked my SRM power meter on my first ride I noted that my power output seemed to be higher than usual when I was standing, it was so noticeable that I even coasted and checked my SRM’s zero offset to make sure it hadn’t drifted. I’ve ridden with a power meter for thirteen years and, while I don’t think the bike itself is transferring greater power than the stiff all-carbon bike I raced last year, it’s not often I notice something like that on a bike.

“I look forward to riding my 622 every chance I get; the fact that it puts a smile on my face regularly means that it has that rare quality of being so much more than just being fast.  In the end, isn’t that feeling why we all ride?””

Thanks Dean! Reading this makes me want to go out and ride.

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