Journal: It Will Prove Invincible

February 5, 2013

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Kimon's tatoos - finishing an Odonata - circa 1998Tuesday location:  Seven  |  7:50 am – 9:10 pm

  • Perception and Framebuilding:  In working on the Seven Cycles Winter Session, it keeps me realizing how interesting is the work Seven gets to do every day.  One of the topics we discussed today was how familiarity affects perception.  Of course, nothing new there.  But, it’s striking to talk about how if you’re a framebuilder and you’ve machined the fit-up between a pair of dropout and chainstays five-thousand times, it may seem a bit mundane.  If you’re a new framebuilder – or a visitor to a bike builder – it’s pretty cool how this process works.  It’s really complex because we’ve got more than a dozen dropout types – disc, road, etc, – and well over one-hundred chainstay types; in fact, the number of chainstays is really infinite at Seven Cycles.  This presents a really fascinating puzzle – if you’re new to it.  Of course, if you’ve done it thousands of times it may seem simple – follow these twenty-plus steps and you’ll have the right fit-up.  Somehow it’s natural for me to get excited about these details – probably because I have a terrible memory so everything always seems new and interesting to me.
  • Project Management:  Today we worked on some of the presentations for the Winter Session at Seven Cycles.  Too much to pack into two days.  The challenge is figuring out what we won’t have time to cover.

Post title:  A letter from Philip K. Dick.

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