Journal: Swamped By Their Number, Novelty, Speed of Arrival, And Complexity

February 1, 2013

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Eddy looks tired to me

Eddy looks a bit tired

Friday location:  Seven     ||    8:30 am – 7:40 pm

  • Time Marker:  I’m feeling a lot like Eddy looks today.
  • Project Management:  Another piece of the Seven Winter Session:  I’m pulling together 10 randonneur bikes to put on display.  Hugely diverse in design – 10 customer bikes – 10 completely different takes on how to approach the ‘long ride’ – whether brevet, randonnee, or gravel road exportation.  I’m looking forward to seeing them all in one room.  Not trivial to pull them all together.  The folks at won’t believe it.
  • Project Management:  Been making a lot of updates to the Honey website.  It never seems to end.  All exciting.
  • Business Development:  Year end closing is just about closed.  CPA will get us packets soon.

Post title:  “A new kind of misplaced worries is likely to become more and more common. The ever-accelerating current scientific and technological revolution results in a flow of problems and opportunities that presents unprecedented cognitive and decisional challenges. Our capacity to anticipate these problems and opportunities is swamped by their number, novelty, speed of arrival, and complexity.”  –  Dan Sperber

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