Journal: Eat Everything Up or Leave Some for Seed

January 31, 2013

in Journal Notes

SRAM Pressfit 30Thursday location:  Studio  |  Seven     ||    8:05 am – 7:05 pm

  • Product Development:  Getting the SRAM Pressfit 30 bottom bracket “system” into production.  Super psyched that there’s yet another BB system to which we’ll adapt.  I do like that this system tries to fix some of the issues that can arise with a classic BB30.  It’s almost like a regular bottom bracket, without the threads.
  • Business Development:  Working on the Seven Winter Session clinics and logistics.  I’m working on some of the sales process best practices we’ve collected over the past decade – from Seven’s best retailer partners and sales systems from outside the bike industry.  Diesel Cafe and Bloc 11 are catering the Sessions breakfasts and lunches – that’s why I’m going to be at Seven’s Winter Sessions.

  • Product Development:  Lots of Honey Bikes work happening.  Developing a new category for them at the moment – while getting the Final 200 Meters, the Winterando into production.  Honey has begun delivery on these bikes and the feedback couldn’t be better.

Post title:  “Famine was an ever-present danger in these circumstances, and in 1961 it snowed in June. The hard frost killed everything growing in their garden, and by spring the family had been reduced to eating shoes and bark. Akulina chose to see her children fed, and that year she died of starvation. The rest of the family were saved by what they regarded as a miracle: a single grain of rye sprouted in their pea patch. The Lykovs put up a fence around the shoot and guarded it zealously night and day to keep off mice and squirrels. At harvest time, the solitary spike yielded 18 grains, and from this they painstakingly rebuilt their rye crop.”  –  For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact

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