Definition: Dellation

January 23, 2013

in Humor, Travel, Words

del·la·tion   noun   \di-ˈlā-shən\


  1. The time-period between a flight delay and a cancellation.
  2. The ever increasing chance that a delayed flight will become a cancelled flight.
  3. The uneasy time when it’s ambiguous whether you’re in a flight delay or simply just pre-cancellation.
  4. The shift in perception from a simple flight delay to a uber-fun cancellation.
  5. A combination of delay and cancellation.


  • Oh great, another dellation; that’s three today.

Entomology:  Rob V’s half-asleep travel delusions.

First known use:  January 23, 2013 – in an airport terminal

Rhymes with:  ef-yu

Seen on an airport magazine.  Waiting in an airport not just for one day

David Bowie knows what it’s like.
Sometimes a dellation is, “not just for one day.”

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