Journal: Like Tearing Open a Bud to See What the Flower Will Be Like

January 18, 2013

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Friday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     8:10 am – 8:45 pm

The Honey version of the Lion of Flanders

  • Product Development:  The final day of preparing Honey bikes for tomorrow’s unveiling.  Only about a week of work left to do before the am.
  • Business Development:  Working on trip prep for Belgium and the U.K.  For the Belgian leg of the trip I’m meeting with Seven’s long-time distributor, a number of magazines, and some of their best customers.  It’ll be a packed time.  In the U.K. I’m meeting with our key retailers, a number of potential retailers Seven’s been talking with, meeting with other framebuilders, and working on a big project with one of Seven’s retailers.  A lot to pack into a few days.  Very diverse set of conversations, too.  I’ll be bringing a lot of hats.

  • Time Marker:  My work flow is a bit of a mess right now because the last two weeks have been more compressed than usual so I’ve been letting a lot of important – but not pressing – items slide.  Now, what a surprise, many of those important tasks and projects are now pressing, too.

Post title:  D. H. Lawrence

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