Journal: My Consciousness Is Schrödinger’s Cat

January 15, 2013

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Tuesday location:  Seven  |  8:10 am – 10:20 pm

762 - Honey red on red on white

  • Important – Food:  Working on some savory waffle recipes for a secret project.  I think I’ve got the sweet one’s down; it’s the idea of savory that I haven’t completely wrapped my head around.  It’s a late night project.
  • Production Management:  Seven Cycles builds steel, titanium, carbon, and titanium-carbon bikes.  Each material requires completely different manufacturing techniques.  We’ve got so many of the 622 – titanium combined with carbon – frames going through that we’re having trouble keeping up.  Matt O. is doing a great job getting the production team cross-trained so we can build more of them; we’ve doubled 622 production in the past four weeks.  Very exciting.
  • Business Development:  Interesting happenings with Honey Bikes, from a business perspective.  All this activity around Honey, the new race bikes, Hup United, and a few other elements is bringing up some unusual possibilities for the season.
  • Phoning it In:  Posting some Honey Race bike photos is about all the energy I have left this evening.  I like pictures a lot more than writing anyway.  Photos tonight are all about Honey Bikes.  Color onto some frames is always fun to see.  A lot more going on – posting more tomorrow.

Post title:  The last words I spoke this evening.  I think.

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