Journal: Looks like It Was Carved out Of Metal

January 14, 2013

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Monday location:  Seven  |  7:40 am – 9:15 pm

  • Product Development:  Making good headway on the Hup Honey project.  Three bikes going through production currently.  Paint begins tomorrow; that’s when it starts to get interesting.
  • Product Development:  Honey “Final 200 Meters” Race bike number One is finally in paint.  Photos after the fold.  Staci and Jordan are both working on it.  The new Race Scheme requires eight layers of primer-color-clear.  It’s a more complicated scheme than anything Honey has done in the past.  I think it’ll be worthwhile though.  Staci and I worked on the scheme design and colorways.  Hoping to assemble the bike on Thursday.
  • Helping:  Craft just picked up their tradeshow sign that we helped fix.  Hoping it will hold together for a few more years.  We’re working on a couple clothing projects with Craft so it’s good that we’re able to help them in return.

Some Honey frame manufacturing photos after the jump.

Post title:  “The color was utterly different than any of us expected. The one that had been brought to the surface and that there were pictures of was red, and a lot of deep-sea squid are red. But this was a spectacular silver and gold. It just looks like it was carved out of metal, it’s just completely breathtaking and completely unexpected.”  –  Eddie Widder speaking about the kraken.

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