Journal: Never Mistake a Clear View for a Short Distance

January 3, 2013

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New overlay on old – chainstays at Seven Cycles

Thursday location:  Seven  ||  7:50 am – 7:45 pm

  • Business Development:  More work on the five year plan for Seven.  Bit by bit.  One of the ways we approach the work is by breaking it into territories:  domestic, Europe, Pacific Rim, and a couple other areas.  A five year plan for each area is time consuming.  And always wrong.
  • Business Development:  I was invited today to help with an eBike – F.B. – project that’s just getting started.  This is the third eBike project I’ve been asked to work on in the past few months.  The Shape of Things to Come.  I’m not sure I’m going to work on this project yet.  It is pretty interesting though.
  • Product Design:  Slowly working on organizing Seven Cycles’ chainstay design portfolio.  It only seems to expand; never fewer.  Stef is helping switch everything over to SolidWorks.
  • Product Development:  Fast and Furious on the Honey Bike front.  Some really interesting work.  Just about completed a new Race Series Honey that’ll be super light and super stiff.  For steel.
  • Product Development:  I’ve been working on a special Honey randonneur project for about a month; it keeps falling between the cracks.  Hoping to have this bike project wrapped up next week.  Will write more about it once it’s public.
  • Product Design:  Working on a new Di2 routing project.  Making the system a bit more internal for metal bikes.  And working on the battery pack option.

Post title:  Paul Saffo.

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