Journal: Talent Was Not Rare; the Ability to Survive Having It Was

December 28, 2012

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Looks like that outlet isn’t charging very well. Maybe she threw the breaker. Too much power required?

Friday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     8:00 am – 9:40 pm

  • Press:  Just alerted that Seven was included in Inc. Magazines “Trends to Watch 2013.”
  • The Business of Bikes:  Another local bike frame builder just closed up shop.  I was surprised about this outcome.  Framebuilding is a very tough business.  Very few can maintain it as a part-time business.  Very few can generate enough business to do it full-time.  To make a living wage you have to build somewhere around one frame per week – at a true price; that’s a lot of customers.  M.B.
  • Framebuilding Myth:  I was talking with a local framebuilder about how difficult it is to run a business – not actually related to the framebuilder closing I mentioned above.  One of the many reasons it’s difficult is that the first one or two dozen frames are the “easy sales” because they are typically for friends and family.  These people are psyched to get a bike from you – no matter what it looks like and how it’s designed.  Then you start getting customers you don’t know – friends of friends or collectors from NAHBS.  Their expectations are a lot more personal and maybe a lot higher.  It’s no longer, “thanks for making me this awesome frame that you made by hand” that you might have heard from your cycling crew.  Now you have to decide if you’re building bikes for riders or building bikes that you want, with hopes or expectations that people will like what you like.  Both paths are very difficult and they get more difficult before they get easier.  Why do you build frames?
  • Product Development:  We’ve been looking at, and working on an alternatives to the current 44mm head tube system.  Long range project.
  • Time marker:  Apparently it’s time for me to get a new car.

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