Journal: I Don’t Think We’re Overbuilt, I Think We’re Under-Demolished

December 27, 2012

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Thursday location:  Seven  |  8:50 am – 8:15 pm

  • Product development:  Rear rack design for Seven Cycles.  We’ve been making more heavy duty racks – for carrying 80 lbs type of riding.  This is very different from a 30 lbs rack.  We’re seeing more and more serious riding happening.
  • Business Development:  I was talking with someone about growing business and he mentioned an article I read a while ago by Jay Forrester titled The Loop You Can’t Get Out Of” from MIT Sloan Management Review a while back.  I’m a big proponent of growing business – that’s it’s a requirement if you’re interested in a sustainable business.  Sustainability and growth are inseparable.  Jay has begun arguing that that’s no longer possible in a ‘nongrowth’ world.  I have a lot to say on this.  Not enough room here to describe nuances.  In my conversation with the Jay agreer I talked about the parameters of growth:  the speed of growth – sustainable vs. step function.  Also, do you define growth only as revenue?  There are certainly other measures that are equally or more important to define growth – particularly if you’re interested in sustainability   Not many people really are.
  • Trip:  Heading to London and Belgium in a few weeks.  Work trip.  Going to a symposium, visiting retailers, and visiting three distributors.  Four days, many meetings.
  • Time Marker:  The sickness dogs are still barking at me.  But getting quieter.

Post title:  The Death of the American Shopping Mall.

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