Journal: Ever Get a Chance to Put Your Thanks On?

December 19, 2012

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The Purple Rose of Seven

Wednesday location:  Seven  ||  7:55 am – 7:10 pm

  • Product Testing:  Working on the rando fork test procedure.  It’s a bit tricky because I haven’t found a test that duplicates what we’re trying to do.  We’ll mesh something together.  Hoping to begin testing right after the new year.
  • Clothing Design:  Wool jersey design confirmed.  We’ve been trying to do something that’s difficult for the clothing manufacturer   I’m hoping it will have been worth it.  We’ll find out in about four weeks.
  • Time Marker:  We had a birthday party today at Seven Cycles.  Purple roses and all.  People at Seven are the best!
  • Product Evolution:  Rocker time.  Seven Cycles has been doing more and more rocker dropouts.  It’s alternative #3 to managing chain or belt tension on a bicycle without an external derailleur.  Some great features and some challenging ‘features.’  I’ll post a comparative overview for the three systems soon.  So gullible.

Post title:  Sly Stone.

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