Press: Bike Commuting With WGBH Radio

December 9, 2012

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Anne Mostue interviewed me at Ride Studio Cafe this morning for a piece that WGBH is doing on bike commuting:  how it’s changed over the past few years; how it varies by urban density, and how to make it safer.

You can listen to the short 4-minute piece here.  She also interviewed David Watson and Lisa Weissman.  This piece is a followup to an earlier segment.

We covered a lot of topics during our conversation, including:

  • The dramatic increase in Boston area bike commuting over the past five years
  • Ways to be safe when commuting by bike
  • Ways in which safe varies by urban density:  cycling is different in Boston vs. Lexington vs. Harvard, MA, for example.
  • The role of helmets in safety – and perceived safety.  An inflammatory conversation in some circles.
  • Roadway infrastructure issues
  • Bike safety as a responsibility of cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers; we want to work together to solve safety issues.  To the extent this conversation becomes a conflict of constituents is the extent to which the outcome will poor.

Anne and the interview were very positive and upbeat.  And it was impossible to ignore the back-story for why we were talking; last Thursday morning, December 6, a bike commuter, Chris Weigl, was struck and killed by a truck in Boston.  Chris’ death was heartbreaking.

The Studio’s supportive thoughts are with his family and friends.

Life is short and fragile.  Ride a lot.  Ride safe.

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