Press: Mo Bruno Roy’s Custom Seven Mudhoney PRO 2

December 6, 2012

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Mo Bruno Roy‘s PRO 2 gets shown off  at VeloNews in two ways:

  1. A nice slideshow with some details.
  2. A video that Matt Roy made of him assembling the bike with Dave Wilcox.  It’s a fun time-lapse piece.

People seem to be talking about how quickly Seven built the frame – started on Tuesday morning and handed it off to Matt on Friday evening.  I didn’t really think it was a fast build.  Most every frame goes through Seven’s system in a few days – sans paint.  Four days of build time is about 30 hours or so.

Here are some interesting notes from the VeloNews piece; Emily Zinn was able to elicit a few comments from me that I would rarely express outside the four walls of Seven:

Seven Cycles founder and president Rob Vandermark believes that this bike has pushed titanium-lugged carbon frames to the “end game for mixed-bikes capabilities. You can’t push it much farther,” he told VeloNews. Seven’s bikes with mixed materials, which Vandermark refers to as 622 [platform], have evolved from primarily titanium bikes to essentially carbon bikes. The end result leaves barely any titanium left to cut down.

[…] finishing. Vandermark says it’s critical to their work, especially when working under the gun, to have ultimate control, because it can get cumbersome to communicate custom demands for paint jobs with an outside sub-contractor.

Vandermark considered this frame’s design more artistic than their standard bikes. Despite his background in sculpture, Vandermark tries to remain fairly conservative in the design aspects, and says he tries to make sure [the frames] aren’t about artistry, but are about precision. He is clear that [bikes] are tools that are meant to be raced and not art to be hung on a wall. According to him, excellent craft is more about accuracy, while art is about expressing what’s in your heart, and accuracy can inhibit art. But while he praises function over form, this bike speaks to both.

Thank you to Mo Bruno Roy, Matt Roy, VeloNews, Dave Wilcox, and the crew at Seven Cycles for making this project happen – and in such a fun way!  Stay tuned for more fun projects that happen fast.

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