Interview: Behind the Scenes with Seven’s Rob Vandermark

December 4, 2012

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Signature Cycles is one of Seven Cycles’ top three retail partners.  Consistently, every year.  Signature is unique in the industry; Seven and I have learned a lot from our partnership and Signature sets the bar for many retailer benchmarks.  They have two locations:  Manhattan, NYC and Greenwich, CT.  If you’re ever in either of those areas I strongly recommend visiting their studios.

Michelle C. interviewed me; I think she listened better than just about anyone that’s interviewed me before.  We talked about a wide range of subjects; she whittled down all those words into a cogent and readable interview.

Here are some words from that conversation:

From sculpture to bike anarchy to material agnosticism to 100% commitment to custom […]

“Merlin was the innovator in titanium mountain bikes and it was an exciting time in the industry. I love working with my hands, problem solving in three dimensions, and exploring all kinds of engineering conundrums so it was very informative to learn in that environment. The work combined my love of sculpture and bikes.”

Vandermark says the people at Seven and their personal connection to cycling have a tremendous influence on how they think about design.

“We have a strong culture of diverse cyclists and the team’s way of riding informs a lot of what we build. We have a lot of commuters, a lot of green thinkers, everything from serious road racers to bike anarchists – and that’s intentional. People’s individual passions influence the company from our designs to even the way we build our bikes.”

Thank you Michelle, Paul Levine, and the entire Signature Cycles team.  It’s been a great ride so far and I look forward to the next hundred miles.

Apparently Paul Levine is an artist; I had no idea!

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