Journal: What Fraction Is Refracted

November 23, 2012

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Friday location:  Seven     ||     10:20 am – 4:40 pm

  • Time Marker:  Seven is closed today.  Got a lot done in a rarely a quiet environment.
  • Business Management:  Just bowed out of a big project.  Learning to say no is so difficult for me.  This is a project I’ve been looking forward to for five years – in various forms.  I think I’ve officially closed the door on this opportunity.  I may publish more about this at some point.  It’s an important one to me.
  • Consulting:  I had someone reach out to me today for some advice regarding next steps in an unusual and growing business; “The reason I write to you is – we are getting a lot of advice – about funding – about just everything really… Interest is huge. People are stepping forward who want to fund us, but they all have an opinion and, of course, a “direction” that goes along with said. I guess I just need someone to talk to. I am being told the possibilities this “model” presents are huge -I am excited about growth, but I want to be responsible to the community we serve – and as well I want to maximize the potential to promote practical cycling in America.”  Awesome stuff.  I look forward to seeing in what way I might be able to help.

Post title:  “The Fresnel equations describe what fraction of the light is reflected and what fraction is refracted.”

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