Press: The Blayleys: Building Community

November 22, 2012

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Pamela Blalock just posted a piece on her Blayleys blog about the Ride Studio Cafe.  It’s a bit overwhelming and embarrassing for me.  It’s a really nice piece – for me and the Ride Studio Cafe.  As with everything Pamela writes, the words are comprehensive, thoughtful, clear, and engaging.  And in this case, far too kind.

Pamela’s writing makes me want to visit the Studio.  Here are few small snippets from the piece:

But what was really going on at this shop was almost subtle. Ride Studio Cafe was building a community.  […]

I could show up any time on a weekend and find friends. I could show up early for the scheduled ride, or come in later and it was highly likely I’d find some group to go ride with. I know the baristas by name and they know me by name and what I drink.  […]

We’ve had some really great rides and events this year. The Studio created some training events for the Rialto-Trade Pan-Mass team, and invited others to join in, thus helping raise awareness of their fund-raising in a subtle and friendly way. Another special event was for the randonneurring community. A ride and party gave folks who had never heard of randonneurring or had some interest in these longer rides a chance to learn more and meet some randonneurring celebrities. For cyclo-cross, there were early (as in wee hours of the) morning parties to watch the world championships and eat waffles. Lots of events, lots of food and drink and lots of fun – always.  […]

Thank you Pamela, for writing about the Studio, and more importantly, for playing a significant part in the Studio’s culture, growth, and spirit.

See you there soon!  Thank you for making today a better Thanksgiving for me.

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