Press: Lovely Bicycle: State of Grace

November 22, 2012

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Velouria posted a piece today that expresses, to me, an important aspect of the Ride Studio Cafe:  the people that make the Studio special.  She writes about some of the people she’s met at RSC – and that have made a positive impression on her.  Some words from her post:

It’s been almost a year now since I formally joined my cycling club. It is not my intent to promote them here, but only to thank them. It is through this club that I’ve met all the people described here, who have opened up my mind, challenged my pre-conceived notions and expanded my point of view. Some people help you and you feel grateful, indebted. Others help you and you don’t even know it. A person who can do that has achieved a state of grace.

Very touching and heartfelt.  A bit overwhelming, personally.  She listed a lot of my favorite people, too.  Of course, I’d add her to the list.

Thank YOU Velouria for being part of the RSC community – and the larger global bike community.  I’m glad you came back a second time to the Studio after your first visit.  Thank you for giving RSC a chance – and helping us sometimes achieve a state of grace.

See you at the Studio soon!

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