Journal: Keep Silence As They Are To Speak

November 21, 2012

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Wednesday location:  Seven     ||     7:55 am – 9:20 pm

  • Time Marker:  Steven Lim and Sal Persico came to Seven Cycles this morning and unveiled Steven’s new coffee cart.  It was just what I needed this morning.  Perfect drinks.  I had an espresso, a cappuccino, a mocha, and one more espresso.  That got me through the morning.  I was depressed when they left.  I can’t wait to do it again.  We’re already planning an event at Ride Studio Cafe.
  • Ride Event:  Thanksgiving ride plan.  Difficult to call this an ‘event’ because it’s so impromptu – yet another speed project.  Can’t resist.
  • Product Testing:  Worked on some food experiments this evening to see if my plans for the pre-ride fueling tomorrow morning at Ride Studio Cafe will work.
  • Graphic Design:  Confirmed a project with Rapha for a winter jersey.  It’ll be complete before mid December.  It’s a simple speed project that I’m sure will work well because we’re partnering with Rapha.

Post title:  “I submit that the world would be much happier, if men were as fully able to keep silence as they are to speak.”  – Spinoza

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