Journal: Smile Because It Happened

November 19, 2012

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Monday location:  Seven     ||     7:20 am – 8:25 pm

All Smiles: Mike Broderick, Mary McConneloug, and me
photo: Mary McConneloug

  • Manufacturing Philosophy:  Had a conversation today with someone regarding Taiicho Ohno’s Toyota Production System.  I heard the common lament, “this won’t work for what we do.”  It’s really all a matter of perspective:  you only see from where you can see.  Because my perspective was different I could clearly see that TPS would work really well with what this person was struggling.  I think I got through to the person; probably not.  It usually takes about a decade.  We’re going to experiment with a few aspects of TPS on this ‘intractable problem’ and see how it goes.  I’m confident it will go well if we can invest enough sustained energy on it.
  • Press:  Received a nice mention from Seven Cycles’ fastest customer today.  Thanks Whit!  Hope to see you out on the trail.
  • Business Management:  Seven Cycles’ largest and most important distributor is visiting this week.  E.S. Korea is Seven’s South Korean representative.  I’ve written about them a number of times; they are smart, thoughtful, and committed to Seven.  We met for a while today working on topics ranging from new product projects on which I’ve been working – and most important – the ones in which they are most interested.  We worked their 2013 annual plan and some other work, too.  More later.
  • Graphic Design:  About halfway through the 2013 Seven Cycle bike catalogue.  This is the companion piece to the Seven Brochure.  It’s very different from the brochure – for a very different purpose.  Skunk taking point on it.

Post title:  “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  –  Dr. Seuss

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