Journal: I May Be Synthetic, But I’m Not Stupid

November 13, 2012

in Journal Notes

Tuesday location:  Seven     ||     7:45 am – 7:55 pm

  • Business Planning:  I see a clear path that will get Seven Cycles to our year end goals.  Most of the path is uphill and we might require crampons but  at least we can see the trail and the terrain.  I wish I could find shoes with integrated crampons.
  • Management:  Managing people is impossible.  Managing anything is impossible – at least for me.  The shear between performance and humanity is endless.  I find it fascinating but I can’t say that people appreciate being ginea pigs with my fascination.  I want all three in the way Seven works:  free, fast, fun.  I haven’t found a way to have all three at once; it seems that when we lean toward one, the other two suffer.  When we lean toward all three, all suffer.  It’s like a three-pronged radar chart, but I keep thinking it’s a venn diagram or a flow chart.  My brain tells me it’s sequential or combinant, but my experience is radarish.  And those aren’t even real words.
  • Business Planning:  Made good progress today on exiting one of Seven’s two investors.  It’s a bittersweet situation.  A.N. has been an important part of the company for 15-year.  And he’s well past retirement age so we’d like him to have some capital to do retirement things.  A.N. will always be an important part of the company – investor or not.
  • Ephemera:  I love statistics and measures.  In another life I might be a sabernomitist.  I dread the day this comes to cycling; I’ll be in big trouble.

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