Journal: “Beautiful, Beautiful, Magnificent Desolation”

November 6, 2012

in Journal Notes

Signs of winter: overflowing pockets

Tuesday location:  Seven     ||     7:40 am – 7:35 pm

  • Bike Project:  Working on final details for Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick’s 650b mountain bikes for the 2013 season.  They’re going to be riding them on the Trans Andes stage race in late January.  These bikes will be perfect for that terrain. 650b are the hot set up right now and we’ve been building them for a few years.  Dialed.
  • Consulting:  I’ve been invited to the Techstars Demo Day next week.  I’ll get to see a bunch of young entrepreneurs pitching to angels and VCs.  Oh, I remember the days.  Urban Here Sports will be there and I’ll be rooting for them.
  • Honey Bikes:  Working on a couple new projects with  Honey.  One of which is with Tati Cycles; I’ve been working with J. for a couple years and I think he’s come up with a great plan for Tati and Honey.  Stay tuned.
  • Ride Event:  The Mary and Mike mountain bike ride is in full effect.  Details published tomorrow.  Get our mountain bike tuned up and hold on for the best mountain ride of the seasons.  Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick.  Don’t miss it.  November 17 and 18.   ride:  Get ready.
  • Read This:  Blayleys.  Pamela Blayley wrote about her experience at the Ride Studio Cafe’s Fall Five.
  • Time Marker:  Election day.  Heading home early to vote.
Post title:  “Beautiful, beautiful, magnificent desolation.” – Buzz Aldrin.  In 1969, standing with Neil Armstrong in the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility.  They were alone; but their presence on the moon’s silent, gray surface was the culmination of a convulsive collective effort.

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