Journal: Survived By the Black And By the Reed

October 30, 2012

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Tuesday location:  Seven     |     7:40 am – 7:15 pm

  • Framebuilding Note:  From my Facebook post for Seven Cycles:  So many cutters, so little material.  Here are a few of the tool-holders we use for tubeset cutoff.  Nestled on one of Seven’s lathes and ready for the next job.  Why so many in line?  Partially because the next frame could be titanium, steel, or carbon.  Each material has very different requirements for tube cutting.  Titanium likes to be machined at “high feed, low speed,” while carbon prefers “high speed, high feed.”  Feed your speed appropriately.
  • Ride:  “Raced” my second stage of the Fall Five for Ride Studio Cafe.
  • Production Management:  Matt O. and Seven’s production team are knocking it out of the park.  We’re trying to make up for Monday’s off day.  Two days to go before month end.
  • Graphic Design:  Seven Cycles winter wool jersey – waiting to hear back from the manufacturer about whether or not our design is possible.
  • Graphic Design:  The Seven Tent arrived last week.  Ready for a bunch of cross races.  Looks good.
  • FB:  Getting my head together to ride stage two of the @ridestudiocafe Fall Five.  Tonight is the second stage deadline for me.  Still a lot of debris on the road and some wind.  A bit of water, too.  And, of course, it’ll be dark out.  At least I enjoy these conditions – the more excuses I have for slowness, the better.  I survived stage one, so how bad can the next stage be?  It’ll only take me about 10-times longer to complete.

Post title:  “In the writings of the secretary, fate is always survived by the black and by the reed.”  – Themistius, ~360 CE.  “Black” means ink; “reed” is pen.

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