Journal: Sweat, Tears, Or the Sea

October 22, 2012

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A “Reviewing the Ride Route” Huddle?
Eddie, John, and John – three cycling savants.

Monday location:  Seven     ||      11:40 am – 6:45 pm + homework

  • Materials Matter:   I received a really disturbing email from a titanium supplier.  The supplier sells titanium tubing with a few states of annealing – as is true with the only two mills in the country.  Long story short, annealing is a way to improve ductility and formability.  Sounds good, right?  Unfortunately, as formability goes up, strength goes down.  Cutting to the chase, this supplier sells fully annealed material to framebuilders – those that cannot form tubing.  This fully annealed material is about 50% of the strength of cold-worked stress-relieved – CWSR- material, like what Seven Cycles uses.  ‘Half the strength’ is not a material I would recommend for bicycle building.  I don’t fault the titanium supplier; they’re not bicycle frame designers so I don’t expect them to be making recommendations about what’s safe and not safe.  They don’t sell ‘chainstays;’ they sell ‘0.875 x 0.035″ tubing.’  However, many bicycle framebuilders are not engineers.  Understanding material elongation properties – what 6% means relative to 15% is likely lost on most builders.  Even knowing that material strength of a fully annealed tube is about half that of a CWSR tube seems to fall on deaf ears.  Dangerous.
  • Product Design:  Made some progress on the chainstay decision tree program.  Looking forward to beta testing this next week.  Maybe this week.  I’m going to pass this off to Neil to clean up once I’ve got the proof of concept completed.
  • Product Design:  Cyclocross fork design for Seven Cycles.  Renaming this to “disc fork” design – or something like that.  We don’t want to limit this fork to a narrow ‘cross race function.  To that end, I worked on a light mount based on a suggestion from John Bayley today.  I think it would be an add-on to the fork but look very integrated.  No promises.

Post title:  “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”  –  Karen Blixen, The Deluge at Norderney, Seven Gothic Tales, 1934

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