Journal: A Hardy, Time Consuming Way of Life

October 19, 2012

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Friday location:  Seven     ||     7:45 am  – 9:20 pm

  • Mentoring:  I had a great meeting today with a group of MIT grads about a company  they’re starting.  Details of the project and products are still under wraps but it has to do with outdoor activity in a way I’ve not seen before.  These three guys are smart, motivated, and bring a lot of energy to the room.  I look forward to seeing how they proceed with this project.  One of the interesting aspects – from a business standpoint – to me is that they’re creating a new space.  I’m lucky that when we started Seven the bicycle space already existed for a few years.  They have to not only create the product and start the business, they also have to create the space, market, and educate people.  Very challenging.  I’m glad to have been invited to work on this by Bob Mason.  It is a project supported by Tech Stars.
  • Product Design:  Working on a new chainstay design system for Seven Cycles.  With Neil D. and Dan V.  Basically we’re developing a faster way to codify all the variables that we factor to provide the ideal chainstay type for any given bike.  It’s basically a big decision tree; we’re looking at a way to take the hundreds of variables and determine the ideal stay – out of hundered – within about 30-seconds.
  • Production Management:  We were talking at Seven Cycles today about process flow when it doesn’t appear that the process is ever consistent from bike to bike – in a completely custom shop like Seven.  Some of the basic tenets of Seven’s framebuilding system include flow leveling, single-piece-flow, source inspection.  It’s fascinating to me that perception migrates.  What I see as batching – the opposite of single-piece-flow – most others don’t.  So much opportunity here.  Always room for improvement.

Journal title and photo:  Why a bookmobile.

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