Journal: Impurities Which We Call Meaning

October 16, 2012

in Journal Notes

Tuesday location:  Seven     ||     7:20 am – 9:25 pm

  • Note:  “Operational effectiveness is not strategy.”  – Michael Porter.  So many people confuse quality with strategy, process improvement with strategy, application of technology with strategy.  These are not strategy; they are necessary but not substitutes.
  • Ride Project:  So we’re going to charge $20 for race entry fee for the Fall Five at Ride Studio Cafe.  I’m conflicted about this but it’ll be well worth it in the end.  We’ve got a prize list of about $2,000 and discount offerings that will probably tally well over $1,000.  We’re also paying Ride With GPS for their help – it’ll be well worth it.  And some really cool handmade trophies – not what you might be expecting if you were at last year’s ToTU or at a few other events the Studio has been involved with.  These are very different.
  • Design:  Seven Cycles brochure printing negotiations have begun.
  • Product Design:  Working on the Seven disc fork design for cross and touring.  Frustrating.  When does ride characteristic get pushed aside for perceived technology improvement?  Isn’t ride control most important in cycling – more important than grams, fad, early adoption?  I like to live in a black and white world.
  • Graphic Design:  Working on Fall Five logo.  So trite.  Not a good idea to work on graphics when you’re tired, late at night.

Journal entry title:  “And the words slide into the slots ordained by syntax, and glitter as with atmospheric dust with those impurities which we call meaning.”  –  Anthony BurgessEnderby Outside, 1968.

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