Journal: A Constant, Breathless Chase

October 8, 2012

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Monday location:  Seven     ||     7:20 am – 9:10 pm

  • Time Marker:  Big tour at Seven Cycles today.  Thanks to Patria of Ride Studio Cafe; RSC sponsored the event.  The tour brought a lot of kids.  That’s always fun.  And the kids seemed to really enjoy it.  We had at least 30 adults on the tours, too.  I saw a lot of friends and some new faces.  Looking forward to seeing more of these folks.
  • Design:  Paint displays for a few of Seven Cycles’ top retailers.  These are way more work that you’d expect.  They will be cool though.  It’ll be worth it.
  • Design:  Seven tent off to the printer.  Finally.
  • Embarrassed:  How is it that I never remember how to spell the name of the greatest cyclist?  Every time I write it I have to look it up.  Or I butcher it like I did today.  Very embarrassing   I wasn’t even close; I hit ‘send’ on an email by accident.  “Merkyx.”  I don’t even know how I came up with that.  Retribution above and below.
  • Ride:  ToTU planning begun.
  • Ride:  Mike and Mary ride planning.  Fingers crossed.

Image by Kristof Ramon,  from Peloton Magazine.

Post title from Eddy Merckx:   The Cannibal:

“He used to drive me nuts.  When he was racing, you knew that he could put you out of the time limit any time. It was a constant, breathless chase.  You’d see Merckx’s team on the front ready to make the race 150 kilometres from the finish, Van Den Bossche, Van Den this, Van Ben that – they all surged to the front – and he’d be pawing the ground like this big tiger.  He couldn’t wait for the moment, kilometre X, when he would attack and smash us all to pieces.  I used to tell him to go stuff himself.  When you’re hurting, you turn nasty.  I’d be shouting from the back of the bunch, “Vaffanculo, Merckx! Bastardo!” Half of the peloton detested him despite thinking that he was an OK bloke […] I say we all realised quickly but it wasn’t straight away.  It took a while, a couple of years.  We, we didn’t know, we didn’t…’”

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