Fall Five Stage Two: Point-To-Point

October 4, 2012

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October 27, 28, or 29

This is the longest stage of the Fall Five.  And the most scenic.  This stage is the one most like a typical road ride.  Traffic, lights, town lines, and a variety of surface conditions.  Enjoy the road while you can because the final three stages will put you in an entirely different world – of hurt.

Important information about this stage:
Route GPS file:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1843041Course Notes:

  • Distance:  13.6 miles
  • Description:  This point-to-point ride has 643 feet of climbing with no steep ascents.  Lots of turns.  The last 1.5 miles is a steady climb with a slight descent to the finish.  There are some left hand turns and stop signs; pay attention and ride safely.  Remember that if you stop, your cumulative time will pause so there’s reason to take any risks.  Warning:  There is one big intersection – at Barrets Mill Road and Lowell Road. Be particularly careful here.
  • Start line:  In Lexington, on Massachusetts Avenue just after the Worthen Road intersection.  We recommend getting a rolling start beginning at the Worthen Road intersection and getting up to speed as you roll through the start on Massachusetts Avenue.
  • Finish line:  In Acton, on Strawberry Hill Road, just before the Pope Road intersection.  If in doubt, ride right up to the Pope intersection.

In-Race Competition:

  • Town Line Sprints:  We have three town line sprints in this point-to-point.  Details on the town line competition are in the “worth a reread” section.
    • First Town Line:  From Lexington crossing into Bedford at mile 3.3
    • Second Town Line:  From Bedford crossing into Concord at mile 7.3
    • Third Town Line:  From Concord crossing into Acton at mile 13.3 on the climb up Strawberry hill.  Thanks.
  • Time Bonuses:  We’re providing one second time bonuses – up to a maximum of five seconds per stage – for each photograph you take and post on facebook, twitter, or email to us.  We’ll also be posting the best photo of each day on the Studio blog.  Of course, all photos will be relevant to the Fall Five race.  And no, we don’t want you taking photos while you’re racing.  Only before or after.
Special Benefits on this Stage
Because this point-to-point roll leave you tuckered out at the top of Strawberry Hill, we offer you two possible rewards:
  1. Continue west Chelmsford and stop by Keyks for a free cupcake.  This not sound like a worthwhile journey but if you’ve ever had one you know why it’s worth the extra miles.  When you stop by just tell them you’re riding the Fall Five with the Ride Studio Cafe and they’ll hand you one of the largest and best cupcakes you’ll ever have.  http://www.keykgirl.com/
  2. Make your recovery roll back to the Ride Studio Cafe and receive a free drink of your choice and a free Bonk Breaker.

Riding to Keyks Bakery:  If you’re heading there for a free cupcake, here’s a great route to get there from the stage finish on Strawberry Hill.  This route also gets you back to the Ride Studio Cafe.  Load this route in addition to the Stage Two race route.  As always, check your Garmin before you roll out to ensure both courses are on the GPS unit.  Once you’ve finished the race load this course:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1841972

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