Journal: May Delight and Horrify You

October 3, 2012

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Wednesday location:  Seven     ||     7:55 am – 9:40 pm

  • Management:   I’ve been working on Seven Cycles’ five year plan.  Big things afoot.  The bike industry landscape is fascinating to me.  There are about five major shifts the industry might take in the next five years.  The majority of these are going to radically affect the bike industry.  May you live in interesting times.
  • Product Design:  Met with Michael Lin of the MIT Greenwheel Project today.  We dug into Seven Cycles’ involvement in this e-bike project.  We reviewed the early prototype system and the udpates that’ll be happening by month end.  Lots of changes to the controller, electronics, and overall weight of the system.  I explained some of the ideas I’ve got for Seven’s first generation prototype – and some thoughts for the second gen.  We’ve got a number of challenges with the deadline.  We’re not going to have access to the latest electronics and software – a big improvement over the current parts – until early November; and we’ve got to have the first gen bike prototype completed by the end of the year.  I can only move so far without the final parts.  Regardless, there’s still a ton of work to do on this.  I’m betting the new electronics will arrive and I won’t be ready.
  • Word:  A difference between customization and fitting of bikes.  For many years – pretty much since Seven’s inception – I’ve been focused on customization of bicycles.  Most people interpret “custom” to equate with “fit.”  Not true for me.  Fit is a subset of custom.  And custom doesn’t necessarily mean good fit.  I believe that fit is the cost of entry into the custom world; clearly not everyone agrees.
  • Product Consulting:  Pulled together my notes for Steven L.’s project on which I’m trying to help.  We’re meeting tomorrow to wrap up the design phase and start building this thing!

Post title:  Emotional Regulation at Walt Disney World.  From the British Psychological Society.


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