Journal: Issues Concerning the Locomotory Abilities

October 1, 2012

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Monday location:  Seven     ||     7:40 am – 8:10 pm

  • Interview:  Andrew Bernstein, gear editor at Bicycling Magazine contacted me to participate in an article on which he’s working.  We talked today for a while about titanium, Seven’s place in the industry, and some of the work that Merlin Metalworks and I did many years ago.  One of the interesting aspects of our conversation included titanium’s unique ride characteristics.  The way in which a good rider can apply body motility very differently from any other material; a well designed titanium bike works with the rider’s body English, not against the rider, or more accurately, not without the rider.  Other materials may be predictable but they are not nearly as controllable as titanium.  Titanium does what a skilled athlete tells it to do.  It amplifies the rider’s input.  Titanium participates in the ride.
  • Racing:  Gloucester:  Three women on Sevens:  Mary McConneloug, Mo Bruno Roy, and Andrea Smith.  They rocked the top ten on Sunday.  And the top eleven on Saturday.  A lot of other Sevens were there, too.
  • Product Development Consulting:  I talked extensively with D.D. about a bicycle energy charger prototype.  It’s telling that I’m working on two projects simultaneously that are in the bicycle battery space.  This D.D. project is an aftermarket item that looks like it will come to market pretty quickly.  We’re meeting next week to dig into more details and do some testing.  And discuss market segments.
  • Product Development:  Prototype for the D2D bike.  I’m working on the headlight system.  Dual beams with different focal points.  Fixed beams.  Remote bar controls.  Working on the control box, too – that goes beyond controlling the lights.
  • Racing:  Honey bikes was on the Gloucester scene this weekend.  Rolling.
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