Journal: A Personification of Vegetation

September 25, 2012

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The brochure is almost complete

Tuesday location:  Seven     ||     6:55 am – 9:40 pm

  • New Hire:  Lily Richeson started today!  She’s my manager; good luck on that front.  She’s already done some great work and I’m excited to be working with her.
  • Definition:  Sometimes people get confused, and maybe a bit frustrated, that Seven Cycles won’t make a recumbent, or a bike with some crazy geometry, or special one-off lugs.  I explain the reasons we don’t do this kind of “job shop work” this way:  we are not a prototyping house; we are a custom builder.  When Seven talks about customization we are talking about the way the bike rides, fits, performs, and the bike’s graphics.  We don’t customize aspects of the bike that alter the fundamental design elements that make it a Seven.  And we don’t sell prototypes under the guise of custom; this would be dangerous.  We don’t sell our prototypes.  And we’re not a job shop.
  • Management:  Working on Q4 production plan for Seven Cycles.  We’re going to meet our 2012 targets by clawing back the shortfall in Q3.  I like the plan we have.  Our newest people – Chad and Dan C. are going to play an important role.  Along with everyone else.  More to come.
  • Development:  Honey Bikes:  working on 2013 website.  Working on Tumblr, too.  Lily already digging in.
  • Time Marker:  Slept more hours than anytime during the past year last night.  Still need a few more of those.
Entry title:  Osiris

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