Journal: All Models Are Wrong but Some Are Useful

September 24, 2012

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George Howell Roastery | Photo: Rob Vandermark

Monday location:  Seven  |  Offsite     ||     7:10 am – 7:10 pm – home work

  • Field Trip:  Went to George Howell Coffee roastery today with the Ride Studio Cafe crew.  It was enlightening.
  • Time Marker:  Joe and John are back from Interbike today.  They had a great trip.  Lots of positive conversations with Seven Cycles’ retailers.  Good response to the new rebate program we’re implementing; good response to our demo bike
  • Design:  Working on a gift for the Cafe Racers – the Ride Studio Cafe road team.  We’re having our season end party soon.  I think we’ve come up with a great idea.
  • Graphic Design:  Brochure – onward and upward.  Pages are coming together well.  A couple more photos and we’ll be just about ready for the printer.  Started working more on the catalogue.
  • Production Management:  This is the last week of the quarter and I’ve not been keeping my promise to help dig us back to our targets.  We have the bikes to build.  I don’t have the bandwidth to help.  Tough luck; it’s got to happen.
  • Project:  Talked with Rebecca of George Howell today about a coffee project idea.  I have to finish Steve’s project first, then I can add another coffee project to the list.

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