Journal: The Possible Ranks Higher Than the Actual

September 21, 2012

in Journal Notes

Friday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:15 am – 8:05 pm – home work

  • Press:  One of Seven’s retailers posted a video about our company.  Check it out.
  • Design:  Working through the Seven Cycles brochure; what a surprise.  text editing just about complete.
  • Production Management:  Seven Cycles is way off for September bike production.  It’s a very short month, we’ve got Interbike, our brochure, and the new website all happening at once.  Too many of our limited resources are going to non-production items.  We’re trying to pull it all together for the final week of September – the final week of Q3.
  • Project Support:  Helping Steven with a mobile coffee project.  Still way behind – on my front – but catching up a bit.  Trying to coordinate people.
  • Note:  I know I’m working too fast when my glasses look like I’ve been riding at the back of the pack for 6 hours in a rain storm.  In other words, I can barely see out of them but I don’t take the time to clean them.

Entry title:  Heidegger.


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