Journal: The Stone Would Absorb Some of the Flavor

September 20, 2012

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My only friends | Photo: Rob Vandermark

Thursday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     8:00 am – 5:45 pm – ride – then homework

  • Consulting:  Was invited to consult on a power generator project; it’s bike related and very interesting.  No time, of course, but I’m meeting with the team next week to discuss.  Too many projects.  Not enough time.
  • Development:  Met with a high-school student today for some guidance counseling.  D.M. is interested in welding, sculpture, and law.  He also wants to start his own business.  He’s pondering possible school and life directions.  Since I went to art school, did sculpture and welding, and am an entrepreneur, he was interested in advice.  I rarely talk in depth with high-school kids about long-term goals.  I’ve certainly talked with many high-school groups, but rarely one-on-one.  It was interesting to see the ways in which we are similar and the ways in which life has changed since I was a kid.
  • Design:  Brochure:  Slightly more than 130 photos.  Who’s idea was that?  Still grinding through them all with Skunk.
  • Graphic Design:  Restarting the printed menu project for Ride Studio Cafe.  I proposed this two years ago and couldn’t get any support for it.  Now, people are into it.  I’m glad we’ll be having some cool menus at the Studio.
  • Project:  Working on space construction 2.0 at Ride Studio Cafe.  It’s actually a series of projects that are all so intertwined that we can’t do one without doing all the others, sort of.
  • Note:  Cannondale used to make custom bikes.  Remember that?  Now they don’t make anything in the US.  Cannondale was the last of the big US bike companies.
  • Ride:  Great ride today.  Mountain bike.  Thanks Neil!
Journal title:  Stone Soup fable – and reality.  “During the Great Depression, families were unable to put food on the table every day. It became a practice to place a large and porous rock in the bottom of the stock pot. On days when there was food, the stone would absorb some of the flavor. On days when there was no food, the stone was boiled up, and the flavor would come out of the stone into the water, producing a weak soup, which was better than not eating.”

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