Journal: A Violent Uncontrolled Motion

September 17, 2012

in Journal Notes

Monday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:35 am – 8:25 pm – Home work

  • Hiring:  I believe we’ve found a person for the Studio.  We’ll know for certain tomorrow.  Two more to go for the Studio.  For Seven still two to go.  And one for Honey.  Piece of pie.
  • Time Marker:  I was barista at Ride Studio Cafe this afternoon.  I’m pretty sure that will be my last weekday baristaing for a long time.  In honor of my appreciation for the Cafe baristas that will be taking over for me, I played B-Bands for the entire shift.  B is for Barista.  I think the music at the Studio rocks.  I never post playlists.  By the way, we tend to play albums at the Studio, not mixes.  I’m an album person.  Here’s the album playlist for second shift on Monday, September 17, 2012:
    • Booker T. and the MGs:  Soul Dressing.  A good way to start the shift.
    • Buffalo Tom:  Buffalo Tom
    • Lo Borges:  Lo Borges
    • The Bellrays:  Let it Blast
    • Beth Orton:  Daybreaker.  Had to mellow it out for a few customer.  Kids.
    • David Bazan:  Fewer Moving Parts
    • Brazilian Girls:  Talk to La Bomb
    • Big Chief:  Platinum Jive.  This is something I would not normally play at the Studio but it was a special occasion and it was right around closing time.
  • Project support:  Trying to help Steven with a coffee project.  I’m super far behind on it.  So embarrassed.  Trying to make up for it soon.
  • Graphic Design:  Brochure:  Worked a bit with John to finalize 99% of the copy.  I’m sure there will be additional changes soon.  Worked on some photo ideas.  Took a couple test photos.  Agonized over the cover and back cover.  I think we’ve come up with the brochure name.  Going to sleep on it and see if it holds together.
  • Management:  I’m not going to Interbike this year.  The big annual US bike tradeshow.  I believe this is only the third time I won’t be there since 1987.  I’ll miss the people but not the scene.  I never was a scenester.  Fortunately Joe W. and John L. will be representing Seven Cycles at the show.  They’ll do a lot better than I ever did anyway.

Entry title and Hardiman photo:  “The project was not successful.  Any attempt to use the full exoskeleton resulted in a violent uncontrolled motion, and as a result the exoskeleton was never turned on with a person inside.  […]  Although it could lift its specified load of 750 pounds […], it weighed three quarters of a ton, just over twice the liftable load.”

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