Journal: In Toxicology, Dose Is Everything

September 5, 2012

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Wednesday location:  Seven     ||     7:35 am – 8:15 pm – then working at home ’till 10:40 pm

  • Design:  Brochure, brochure, brochure.  More pages designed.  More focused on text right now.  John L. managing 90% of the words.  I’m destroying the other 10%.
  • Project:  Getting some projects wrapped up for Interbike with Seven Cycles.  The never-ending project.  The 2013 Program is complete – in draft from.  This the last step that’s a doozy.
  • The Work:  We met today at Seven Cycles to work on some complicated standards for accuracy, detail, recurrence, and some other overlapping aspects of framebuilding.  We’re deep into some territory that’s difficult to map.  We’ve agreed that we’re plateauing on some key success measures.  We’ve agreed that a plateau is not the right place.  Forging ahead and up.
  • Production Targets:  looking at too many numbers.  We’re committed to catching up on our sliding lead-times for customers.  We’re remapping some of our process controls and standards so we can catch back up.  As always, I focus on what I measure.
  • Quote for Brochure:  “The majority of the good feelings we have from the ride came from the tremendous amount of ground covered, over the type of terrain that made you feel that the bike was the greatest invention ever conceived.”  You’ll have to read the Seven brochure to find out who said this – and in what context.

Post title:  National Geographic, The Pollution Within via.

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