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September 3, 2012

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This morning we had a double event, although it felt like a triple.

Ride & Spanish Breakfast with Ride Studio Cafe in celebration of the Vuelta a Espana

The Vuelta is one of my favorite races.  Not entirely sure why.  Maybe it’s the time of year.  Maybe it’s because not so many people are consumed by it.  Maybe it’s because it’s the underdog of the three Grand Tours.  Maybe it’s because most people don’t seem to know what to make of it.

For the Studio event we chose the Vuelta’s Queen Stage:  Stage 16.

Here’s an excerpt from Inner Ring‘s take on the Monday’s ride:

[…]  the race will have already been battered by the racing so far but now the Cuitu Nigru awaits, a 19km climb that ends with vicious 22% ramps, a day for compact chainsets and cramp.

I sure don’t want to get lost

First, the Studio Ride

  • We had RSVPs for about 10 riders.  I figured a 7:30am ride on Labor Day would be about 10 people – maybe less.  It was overcast and threatening rain.
  • About fourty people rolled up.  Fortulately Ride Studio Cafe Club memebers came to the rescue and we broke the group into four speeds.  RSC Club Rocks!  Thank you to all that helped out.
  • David Nanian came up with the route.  Pure south roll to Dover and back.  He threw in some good hills in reverence to the Vuelta’s difficult day today.  Lots of great roads.  The sun came out and the weather was perfect.
  • We rolled out just after 7:30 am – once we figured out how to manage so man riders – for this 45-mile “recovery” ride.
  • I rolled with the funnest group – read “slowest pace.”  Our group had a great time.  Some old friends and some brand new people.
  • We found a lost dog on the ride; I had to stop and call the police to come pick him up.  Cute little dachshund.  I should have gotten a photo.  Next time.
  • The ride ended up taking a bit over three hours so we worked up an appetite for…

Spanish hot chocolate with cayenne pepper and sea salt | Photo: Rob Vandermark

Part Two:  Spanish Breakfast While Watching the Vuelta

  • 10am was the start time for stage 16 of the Vuelta race coverage.  Although I have to say that I’m not sure anyone was really watching.  Everyone seemed much more focused on:
  • Spanish Hot Chocolate.  This appeared to be the hit of the breakfast.  Coming up with a good recipe was more difficult than it might appear.  I was adamant that we come up with a very thick drink; just on the verge of being too thick.  It took a few tries but ultimately we were able to perfect a recipe that had only three ingredients plus salt and cayenne pepper.  I was pretty amazed that we made this work without the need for any kind of thickening agent.  We just used a lot of cocoa.  Each macchiato sized cup probably cost us about $5+ to make.
  • Eggs & Bruschetta.  This may not seem like a big deal but it was, at least to me.  It’s the first time that the Studio offered eggs for one of our breakfasts.  Usually we do waffles – or sometimes crepes.  Of coure everything was on the house; no money traded hands.  People seemed to like our scrambled Spanish eggs with bruscetta.  We had a few other food items that went over well, too.  Hungry for more.

Someone liked that Spanish hot chocolate a lot | Photo: Rob Vandermark

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