Journal: Saturday Sickness

September 1, 2012

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Saturday location:  Studio     ||     7:50 am – 8:20 pm

Today was a blur.  Busy day at the Studio.  Listened to great music for most of the day – as always, including some old standbys.

I had a conversation today with someone regarding how music affects my mood.  It’s amazing how good music – at least as I define it – can make a very grumpy me into a very engaged and energetic me.  Apparently music doesn’t affect everyone the same way.  That made me sad, and then this came on:

Mudhoney, 1988.  Lyrics below the fold.

Partial lyrics.

I feel bad, and I’ve felt worse
I’m a creep, yeah, I’m a jerk
Come on
Touch me, I’m sick

I won’t live long, and I’m full of rot
Gonna give you – girl – everything I got

I’m diseased, I don’t mind
I’ll make you love me ’till the day you die

Come on baby, now come with me
If you don’t come
If you don’t come
If you don’t come
You’ll die alone

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