Photos of the Photo Shoot – Natalia Boltukhova

August 31, 2012

in Graphic Design, People

Today Natalia Boltukhova spent the entire day with Seven Cycles taking great photos of all kinds of cycling.  We started at 7am in the woods for a mountain bike photo shoot.  She and Matt O’Keefe then did some commuter bike photos.  Then onto a road bike shoot.  Then some photos at Seven.  A non-stop 12-hour marathon photo session spanning five towns and every kind of terrain imaginable.

Here are a few photos I took of the photo shoot that she took.  Natalia’s images will start cropping up on Seven’s website, brochure, and a few other places all within the next couple weeks.

Photos under the fold.

Not her photos, mine.  You’ll have to wait for hers.

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