Journal: Circumambulating the United States

August 30, 2012

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Thursday location:  Seven  |  Studio  |  Home

Time:  7:25 am – 9:55 pm – with a ride at 5:30 pm

I felt like this once: dirty; moving fast and looking forward; I thought I was free. Sometimes I still want to be out there. | Photo: Mike Brodie

  • Project:  Did an exploratory off-road jaunt for the Ride Studio Cafe’s new mountain bike ride series.  We’re working on leading two rides each week:  one weekeday evening and one weekend ride – through the fall.  Why not swing for the fences?  It was a great test ride with Marty H. and Neil M.  They both kicked my butt.  I really don’t have time to be riding right now but I’m glad I got out.  And yes, I consider it work.
  • Graphic Design:  Brochure 2013 for Seven Cycles:  Skunk completed the first full layout of the brochure.  Sixty-pages plus the cover.  Still a lot of holes in text and images – all my fault.  Skunk and John L. are trying to carry the ball down the field but I keep adding yardage – gosh I’m not a sports metaphor person; can’t you tell?  However, for the first time I can get an overall feel for the piece – and see all the work left to do.
  • Management:  Getting my rear-end kicked at Seven Cycles for August’s production shortfall.  Seven’s first half year rocked.  Our third quarter is not quite as rocking.  We’re wrapping up August as our worst production month – from a frame’s crafted standpoint – in a long time.  No good reason for this.  Lots of small reasons:  shorthanded, new employees, new methods in place, new initiatives happening [ZDI example] but that doesn’t mean they are good reasons.  It’s my task with Matt O. and the rest of the framebuilders to ensure September makes up for August, and then some.  Here’s to a strong wrap up to Q3.  It’s hard to ride a bike when we’re not doing what we said we would for our customers.

Post title and image from Mike Brodie.  Holy.

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