Journal: “It’s Not A Joke; It’s A Rope, Tuco.”

August 29, 2012

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Some draft ideas for Mo Bruno Roy’s 2013 ‘cross race bikes

Wednesday location:  Seven     ||     7:35 am – 8:50 pm

  • Graphic Design:  Jordan L. and I are working on Mo Bruno Roy‘s 2013 bike graphics.  First bike just about complete.  As always, the bike graphics have to try to match the super-clean aesthetics of Matt Roy’s mechanical work on Mo’s bikes.  She’s got a set of three Sevens and they’re all going to look Sharp.  Can’t wait to see them all together.  Matt’s building up the bikes next week.  Cross season is here.
  • Recruiting:  Making some progress on Ride Studio Cafe hires.  I think we might have found a person or two.  Still many hours to go.  Patria is taking on a lot of the in person first round interviewing.  Saving me a lot of time.  Almost manageable for me at the moment.  But not really.
  • Project:  Website 2013 for Seven Cycles.  Making concurrent progress on the website and brochure.  Mostly Skunk is doing all the work at this moment.  The new brochure system is informing some changes we’re making to the site.  Hoping to have the site up on the first day of the Interbike tradeshow.  Might be a bit tight.
  • Project:  Brochure 2013 for Seven Cycles.  We’ve got more page layouts done.  Skunk took the first cover photo test shots.  I think we’re very close.  Similar in some ways to the 2012 cover – but completely different.
  • Quote:  From one of the contributors to the 2013 Seven Cycles Brochure.  “The bicycle is not magical, but to me it seems pretty darn close. And as I watch the 2-wheel commuter parade on the main road, I am heartened to see that my neighbours agree.”

Post title:  The Ugly.

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