Journal: Never Saved Anything for the Swim Back

August 28, 2012

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Tuesday location:  Seven

Time Marker:  1:05 pm – 9:10 pm

  • Product Design:  Stef’s working on a chainstay design.  Design number 3,000 or so.  This is a 50mm slick tire belt driver 29er with a too short chainstay.  It’s a bit trickier than it should be.  Bike shipping on Thursday.  I feel like our system for stay design is getting faster and more formal.  Years ago it was this way; entropy ensues.  With Stef’s and Neil’s help we’re wrangling entropy for a moment.
  • Quote:  From one of the pieces for the 2013 Seven brochure:  I quickly realized that what I loved most about racing was riding. I didn’t care about winning or watts. Freedom. That’s what is was all about. Two-wheeled independence, unfettered, anywhere, everywhere.”  You’ll have to get the brochure to find out who wrote this and why.  One of many great pieces worth reading.
  • Quote:  Carl S., A good customer of the Ride Studio Cafe, said, “Running is like smoking for your joints.”  I concur.
  • Project:  2013 Brochure for Seven Cycles.  In high gear on this.  John, Skunk, and others helping.  Skunk and I are working on colorways, a three page layout system, and first draft of the catalogue supplement.  The Book is 60+ pages.  The catalogue is 20 pages, at the moment.  That’s a lot of pages considering that Seven’s brochure is typcially 34-38 pages.  Trying to organize the big photoshoot with Natalia.  Looks like Friday.  Too many people to pull together.

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