Henri Pelissier: “We Run On Dynamite”

August 24, 2012

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Henri Pelissier speaking about the Tour de France in the first quarter of the 1900s:  “They wouldn’t treat mules the way we’re treated.”

In my favorite quote of his, in context:

“You have no idea what the Tour de France is,’ Henri said. “It’s a calvary. […]  We suffer on the road. But do you want to see how we keep going? Wait…’

From his bag he takes a phial. “That, that’s cocaine for our eyes and chloroform for our gums…”

“Here,” said Ville, tipping out the contents of his bag, “horse liniment to keep my knees warm. And pills? You want to see the pills?” They got out three boxes apiece.

“In short,” said Francis, “we run on dynamite.

Pelissier fact:  “He was killed by his lover with the gun that his wife had used to commit suicide.”  Dynamite indeed.

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