Journal: If Everything Is Under Control

August 21, 2012

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Tuesday location:  Seven  |  Studio

Time:  8:10 am – 9:05 pm

  • Project Management:  Brochure 2013:  We’ve got a nearly impossible deadline.  Actually the deadline isn’t the problem; my management of the months coming up to that deadline is the problem.  On the positive side we’ve got all the elements in place; on the negativeland we’ve got about two and a half weeks to wrap it up.  Oh boo hoo.  John L. is managing the words.  Skunk is managing the layout and printing prep.  I’m “managing” the other parts.  This includes the “catalogue” and the “book.”  We have about 30 pieces to write with only about one third of the drafting completed.  For better or worse we’ve got about a dozen people helping with the writing; I think that will have been worth it.  We’ll see if John agrees at the end of this month; he’s the one herding the cats.  We’ve got about two-thirds of the photography completed.  Again some outside help with that.  I’m very excited about the design of the book.  I worked a cover concept this evening.  The overall size of the book is still in question but we’ll have that wrapped up by week end – thanks to Skunk.  Buckle up with Mario Andretti.
  • Project Bike:  Mount Washington Climbing Machine from Seven Cycles Axiom SLX got raced again this weekend.  It didn’t fair so well this time out.  The above photo shows some of the carnage.
  • Recruiting:  More hours on recruiting for both Seven and the Studio.  Last week went well but most of the candidates are no longer on the list.  Good people all, but that doesn’t mean the are right for the jobs we have.  Have crossed off about 60 people this past week.
  • Events:  Cross season means too many events.  The Studio has three planned already with – I believe and hope – two events more on the way.  Seven is gearing up, too, with big cross plans for the Factory Team.
  • Design:  Finally got the Seven Cycles cyclocross tent ordered.  It’ll be here for the first Seven race.  Although the first cross race is this weekend.  What?  Hard to believe the season is already here.  Skunk is doing all the work; as always.
  • Word:  “Weasel word.”  A friend of mine used that expression to define the word choice of “interesting” that someone used to describe something.  I use the word interesting – and many other non-descrptors all the time – sometimes as a means of being a bit politic.  Dave’s use of the term makes me think about my word selection.  I’m usually very concious of words – even though that’s probably not obvious.  Words like interesting, complicated, challenging are probably words that my friend would call weaselly.

Journal entry title from:

“If everything is under control, you’re not going fast enough.”  –  Mario Andretti


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