Review: Belt Drive Fixie – From Seven Cycles

August 16, 2012

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Pamela Blalock just wrote a fantastic review of a fixed gear Seven Cycles Cafe Racer S.  This bike is unique in a number of interesting ways.  She tells it a lot better than I ever could.  Her overview is definitely worth a read.

A detail of the bike. Custom Seven Cycles Tiberius titanium handlebar with a bell | Photo: Pamela Blalock

Actually you probably won’t want to look at her post because you’ll want one of these bikes by the time you’re done reading.  To get you started, here are a few snip-its from Pamela’s riding experience:

“I will never make a good bike reviewer. [Sorry; couldn’t resist.]

“This is one of the advantages of belt drive – a pretty much silent, no-maintenance drive train. Another advantage is complete lack of chainring tattoos on one’s calf.  […]

“The other big advantage is weight. According to Gates, the weight of a belt and the two pulleys, their name for the chainrings and cogs, is less than the weight of just a chain. […]

“And wow, what a pleasure it was to discover that Seven Cycles seat post.  […]  The design allows for separate fore-aft and seat angle adjustment. And the clamping plate rotates out of the way, so one can place the saddle, move the clamping plate back into position and tighten the bolt, without the need for 6 extra hands and some special incantations or swearing!  […]

“The Tiberius Commuter Bars drew almost as much attention as the belt and the fixed gear. These are very nice bars, and awesome, as designed for commuting, […]”

Read the details!


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