Review: Purple Handlebars: My Invisible Bike

August 15, 2012

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The magnetic online cycling source Lovely Bicycle posted a review of Seven Cycles’ Axiom SL today.  I feel very fortunately that Lovely Bicycle’s Velouria has written about Seven before:

Here are a few of Velouria’s latest thoughts about Seven:

“It took me a while to write about my bike, and I am still not sure what or how to do it.  The problem is that it feels so oddly natural, that it simply disappears from my field of awareness.  I feel myself pedaling, but I don’t feel the bike.


“What makes this particular bike well-suited for me is the intuitive, weightless, painless feel of it in addition to the speed itself. I do not feel the rough roads. I get less fatigued after riding than I do on other bikes. The fit feels perfectly natural. The components are seamlessly integrated. It really is as if the bike isn’t there. When asked to describe it, I draw a blank and what comes to mind are the purple handlebars I see while I’m riding. Not very informative, though in a way maybe it is.”

Read Velouria’s complete review.  As I’ve said in the past, I’m greatful for her thoughtful writing

Let the comments begin – on her site.  I’ll try not to read them.  I can’t imagine how much time she’ll invest in responding to each comment no matter how challenging the comments may be.  Of course, the vast majority of her readership are smart, supportive, and open to new ideas.

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