Journal: Now Talk About Ome-Omics

August 15, 2012

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Location Wednesday:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:20 am – 9:25 pm

  • Bike Review:  Lovely Bicycle posted a Seven Cycles review today.  As previously, Velouria speaks very nicely of Seven; I appreciate this.  I can’t wait to see the comments.  On second thought, yes I can.
  • Business Thinking:  about quality.  Had a good discussion today about some production processes on which we’re working.  One feature of Seven’s production system is that anyone in the company can decide that a product or service is not acceptable, and therefore it doesn’t go out to the customer.  I’m sure a lot of companies have this type of policy but we take it pretty far.  The conversation was about how to define the qualities that make a frame, a service, or anything we do at Seven to be defined as an acceptable representation of Seven.  What is good enough?  Part of what sparked the discussion was a common refrain that what was good last year is not good enough this year.  Oh yeah, by the way, I hate the word “quality.”  And yes, I use the word sometimes.    More on that later.  Maybe on that 25th hour.
  • Business Thinking:  Met wit Jay Robbins – Captain of the Ride Studio Cafe Team this evening.  We did a year in review and talked about the upcoming cross season and started planning for the 2013 season.  So much going on.  It’s been a great year with the team.  I’ve very glad we have the team.  And even gladder that Jay is managing so much.  Joy Stark has also been fantastic with pulling together the women’s team.  PAtria, it goes without saying, has been the primary mover on this whole project.  I can’t wait to see what happens in cross season and beyond.  Stay tuned for a lot more.
  • Event ride:  The Ride Studio Cafe is hosting a ride with the New England Randonneurs on August 28.  We also hosting a season end private party for them.  It’s been great to meet so many of the NER’s this season; I look forward to seeing them all next weekend for a great ride.  Thanks to Melina Lyon for setting it up.
  • Hiring:  Reviewed my interview question list.  I’m always messing with it.  And every hire is different.  I’m working on an in-store application for Ride Studio Cafe that’s a bit different from anything I’ve seen before.  Still hesitant to roll it out.  Maybe next week.  Finding a balance between mechanisms for self selection, time investment, and still finding the best candidates.

Post title from:  Here’s an Omical Tale: Scientists Discover Spreading Suffix

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